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Engage with Murali

Glad to connect with you from Zanavu Ventures.

My name is Murali Krishnan. For over two decades, I had pursued my dreams with zeal. I had been a mentee and am thankful for the guidance I had received.

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Briefly to introduce myself. I had

  • Built and ran 10+ software teams comprised of 10 to 250 people
  • Advised more than two dozen companies and teams.
  • Ran large scale software projects as a middle manager and executive
  • Owned and crafted product vision, definition, roadmap, and execution
  • Architected, designed, and built software in the cloud, mobile, and in-between
  • Mentored 100+ aspiring software engineers, product managers, and middle managers
  • Assisted 10s of managers and executives to get their mission accomplished
  • Coached non-software teams on creative problem solving and crafting software products
  • Have a Masters and Bachelors degree in Computer Science
  • Accelerated executive MBA business education
  • Worked at world class companies like Microsoft and Starbucks
  • Worked at small scale startups and early initiatives too!

Thanks for visiting this site and scheduling a session.

– Murali