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About Us

Welcome to Zanavu Ventures! In the past decade through 2020, I had mentored, advised, invested, and helped various businesses. Always my pursuit with zeal is to bring dreams alive. In the spring of 2020, when the COVID19 was raging up in the USA, I sat back to reflect on the journey and frame the pursuits ahead. Hence was born Zanavu which means in pursuit of dreams with zeal.

Zanavu focuses on the following areas:

  • Technology Advisory Services – Brings decades of software leadership experience in SaaS, Cloud, Mobile, and big data to advise and mentor startup companies, career minded professionals, and students.
  • Product Incubations – Strategy, planning, and early stage implementations to shape technology solutions for problems. Work collaboratively with entrepreneurs, small and large enterprises to drive agile and remote development of concepts for trial testing with customers.
  • Angel Investments – Learn, Connect, and Participate in angel investments for early stage startups focused on B2C, B2B, environment, healthcare, and software to solve problems.

How can we help you?

Get in touch via email.